Card Couples

k-kipper1 k-kipper2The Kipper cards contain numerous cards that show persons, so it’s not always easy to figure out which person plays what role in our life. As a rule of thumb, every male card is basically in opposite to a female one.The most important pairs are the following cards: 

„Main Person“ – The questioner and his/her partner: 
The questioner is basically shown by a main card of the same gender, while the main card of the opposite sex shows the most important person in his/her life  – this is usually the (ideal) partner or spouse. Should there be no  important person in the questioner’s life, then the main person card of the opposite sex will show another important person, e.g. a good friend, an important colleague etc…. Should the questioner be gay, then the partner can be represented by other people cards of the same gender,  but in some cases gays couples are shown as „man and woman“ too. This means that one lives out the male part, the other one the female part (e.g. one who earns the money, while the other one cares for the home).

k-kipper5 k-kipper6„Good Gentleman“ and „Good Lady“ – The Parents: 
Both cards represent mature and experienced personalities, so they symbolizes often parents, grandparents, oncle and aunt, supervisors and so on. They can also stand for the spouse. E.g. If the questioner is married and has a secret lover, then the spouse is symbolised by an „older“ person in the kipper cards, while the lover very often is symbolised by a main card.


k-kipper12 k-kipper13„Rich Good Lord“ and „Rich Girl“ – The Children: 
In contrary to „Good Gentleman“ and „Good Lady“ these both cards are for the younger, unexperienced people. Brothers and sisters, sons and daugthers, cousins, colleagues, friends are often shown by them. But they also show the „young lovers“ – but in this case „young“ not always adverts to the real age of person. „Young“ can also mean that the love is still very young (and not always realistic 😉 ). These cards show also that someone acts young. Independent from the age of persons these cards can also show new career plans („Rich good lord“) or interest in fashion or beauty culture („Rich Girl“).

k-kipper8 k-kipper24„False Person“ and „Thievery“ – Our shady  contacts: 
„False Person“ is rather subtle and not always attracts attention, while „Thievery“ is offensive and willling to take a risk. Both cards can show shady persons in our life, but they can also symbolise our own questionable behavour. Both cards give us the advice to check our wishes and goals or even friends or social life. They show that something could go wrong („False Person“) or that we can could have a loss or could be unaccomplished („Thievery“).


k-kipper32 k-kipper33„Murky Thoughts“ and „Sad news“ – our counterproductive companions: 
Both cards can emblematize unclear or sad thoughts. The cards show persons, but for the main part they describe our own doubts, fear, confusion, sadness, depressions… While „Murky Thoughts“ tries to find a theoretical solution, „Sad News“ shows that the questioner has already resigned…
But these negative feelings aren’t not always justified. The questioner should check if there is a way to find out of the darkness.


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