Card No. 3 „Marriage“ (Ehestandskarte)

originalkipper-EhestandskarteThe card „Marriage“ does not always indicate a real marriage – actually that’s rarely the case. But what does this card really mean? To understand the multifaceted meaning of it, we must be aware of the historical background of the kipper cards. 

During the 19th Century (in other words: at the time these cards emerged) a marriage was anything but easy, because it was far too expencive. Old records by the church of Bremen give evidence about that a wedding ceremony cost at least 300 Thaler (an old curreny). For most people, this amount was a unreachable fortune.So, either they had to save their money to reach this goal or they had to abstain of raising a family.

But at the same time people had to bear a social pressure, because in particular the unmarried women were counted for nothing – they were at the mercy of her relatives where they could hope to find shelter as a domestic worker. Single men, however, had it easier: the „Hagestolz“ (an old synonym for „bachelor“ which is not used in German language anymore) was regarded as a strange contemporary, but at least a single man had the opportunity to pursue a career.

Once married, the marriage was considered as mandatory. 150 years ago, divorcement was still regarded as a taboo and only legally possible in case of infidelity by the wife. The same was true for men, but only when they had the infidelity „in-house guilty“ made (!).

Considering these conditions, one thing will become clear: a marriage at that time was more than just a marriage. A marriage was a guarantee for social recognition and care. So the card no. 3 „Marriage“ is has a several meanings. This is to say that this card symbolises several kind of connections: between Human, contractually, socially, socially… In case of questions about love and relationship this card shows a connection (but not always a real marriage!). In questions about the job and the carrier „marriage“ shows contracts, fusions, interesting and useful contacts.
originalkipper-zusammenkunft-1Card no. 4 „Meeting“ is often confused with card no. 3 „Marriage“ or card no. 15 „Good outcome in love“. And for this reason a would like to point out the differences between these cards: „Marriage“ shows a real meeting, an appointment, even if it is only the first rendevous, while „Meeting“ is a little less face-to-face: it symbolises the social contacts, the environment as well as events and other contacts.Card no 15 „Good outcome in love“ accents the emotions, fidelity and bindingness.





Of course, there are also Kipper Cards that symbolise the opposite of „Marriage“, such as card no. 19 „Death“. While „Marriage“ shows fusions and meetings „Death“ represents separation and cancellation. Also card no. 29 „Prison“ is contrary to „Marriage“: While „Marriage“ shows official  meetings or legal relationships, „Prison“ is a symbol for hidden actions, secret connections, isolation, prohibitions….


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