Kipper Card No. 34 „Arbeit/Beschäftigung“

Arbeit-und-Beschäftigung-1The card no. 34 „Arbeit/Beschäftigung“ means something like „Work/Business“. But in fact this card has more meanings than only the job. Key words of „Arbeit/Beschäftigung“ are: 

  • – Making efforts
  • – being absorbed in a project
  • – plugging away
  • – sport.


Arbeit-und-Beschäftigung-2In some points „Arbeit/Beschäftigung“ has something in common with the tarot card „8 of coins“. Both cards represent the learning of a new draft or skill. Both cards recommend to take a course and/or to receive training or even to start out completely new once again and to practice delegently – then your efforts will be rewarded. LIke „8 of Coins“ also „Arbeit/Beschäftigung“ is a significator for job and daily work and represent success through diligence.

(Cards/Pictures: With kind permission by Königsfurt/Urania-Verlag,

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