The Original Kipper Cards

originalkipper1-angenehmerbriefIs it really true that today’s kipper cards are just a modified copy of the original cards? And is it really true that the kipper cards we know are just mirror-inverted cards of the genuine cards? 

For a long time it has been said that these questions are not more than rumours… But I had the unbelievable good luck to find original kipper cards from the 19th century – and they demonstrate that these „rumours“ are facts: Today’s kipper cards are a mirror-inverted copy of the origins – the reason for this is (still) unkown. Faces and colours are also different. The people in the original cards look more seriously and the pictures in general are less colourful – but you can also see more details in the cards. In the pictures abouve you can see the originals (left) and the modern version (right).

This interesting fact is just an information about the history of the cards – it should not should not reduce your pleasure about the work with those colourful „copies“. :-)

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